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Approximately 22 clubs are chartered at McKinley. Each club functions under its own constitution and must be chartered annually. The Uni-Club, a student service component of the Student Council, disseminates information and monitors club responsibilities and activities. Students have the opportunity to join clubs during Club Day . Except for the National Honor Society and the JROTC Sabre and Chain, there are no membership restrictions. All students are invited and encouraged familiarize themselves with all of the clubs on Club Day held in August. When you choose to join a club, students are expected to be active and contributing members.

Chess Club
  • To play chess
  • To learn more about chess
  • To teach chess
Club Chic
  • To promote fashion and personal development (health, style, beauty) among McKinley students
  • To provide an environment where students can self-express as well as self-improve oneself.
Chinese Club
  • To promote friendship among the various Chinese speakers as a campus
  • To preserve the Chinese culture, values and traditions of their ancestors
  • To support school activities as well as community service
Christian Club
  • To provide a comfortable environment for students to relate to one another, and build relationships with fellow students through fellowship
Filipino Club
  • To unite all students on campus who are interested in the Filipino culture
  • To promote the Filipino culture and traditions to all interested students
  • To participate in McKinley's student government activities
French Club
  • To have students learn about French culture and to participate in community service projects
Go-Green Club
  • To raise awareness in the community about global warming and issue the four R's: recycle, reduce, reuse, and repair
Hispanic Club
  • To promote the Hispanic cultures and traditions (21 countries) to all interested students at McKinley High School
  • To participate in McKinley High School's student government activities
  • To unite all students interested in promoting Hispanic cultures and traditions
History Club
  • To learn about history in a different way other than reading books, and to create a bond within all the classes
Japanese Club
  • To learn more about the Japanese culture
  • To help the community and participate in school activities
Korean Club
  • To provide members with mutual support
  • To encourage participation in community service (implementation of GLOs adn school service)
Law Society
  • To help students become knowledgeable and productive citizens
  • To educate students about the court system and its place in government by learning how to present a legal case in court
  • To create awareness about the law and strengthen bonds amongst our team members
  • To educate young minds in law enforcement
Leo Club
  • To help and improve our community socially, economically, intellectually, and politically while having fun and educating ourselves and others
  • To make a positive difference in ourselves and others
Mandarin Club
  • To learn and participate in Chinese culture
  • To work as a team and form deep friendships
  • To assist in school and community activities
Math Club
  • To promote math as an enjoyable and academic activity
  • To develop club members into respectful individuals by encouraging their participation in community acitivities
Micronesian Club
  • To involve more students in the McKinley community and to enhance great attendance to school activities
McKinley Theatre Group II
  • To give everyone an opportunity to learn about interpreting literature and presenting a polished piece of work to an audience
National Honor Society
  • To provide services to the school and the community while continuing to accomplish academic goals
Physics and Astronomy Club
  • To promote and engage students to learn more about physics and astronomy outside of the classroom
Science Club
  • To promote interest in science through related activities/field trips to develop research ideas
  • To explore various science related careers, and to help the community and the school through service projects.
Vietnamese Club
  • To promote the Vietnamese culture and increase awareness through community service and various cultural activities throughout the school year