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Prior to 1986, photographs of distinguished alumni were hung in the lobby and hallways of our Administration building without ceremony and in many instances, recognition. During the 1985-1986 school year, a committee composed of staff and alumni formalized and implemented a recognition program for former and future graduates who achieved local, national or international honors. With the funding from the Class of 1983, Mr. Tin-Yuke Char ('24), Mr. Wilson Mau ('32), and Mr. Wally Yee ('37), thirty-eight distinguished graduates were formally inducted into our HALL OF HONOR on October 17, 1986.

The purpose of the Hall of Honor is to recognize McKinley's outstanding graduates who have brought honor to the school through their achievements, accomplishments, and/or contributions to the community and/or alma mater.

The Hall of Honor Program is a school activity that supports the school's vision and is aligned with the School Improvement Plan. The Program is consistent with one of our school wide goals - to establish a positive learning environment with respect, trust and cooperation to meet the students' needs. The Program addresses this goal through the development and sense of school pride in McKinley students, staff, parents, and alumni.

The Hall of Honor Committee shall consist of representatives from the Alumni Association (2), Faculty (2), and Students (2). The Administrator-in-charge shall serve as committee chairperson.

The committee shall be responsible for the following:
  • Select nominees into the Hall of Honor based on the criteria and the selection process
Any individual may nominate an alumnus who has made an impact and/or contributed in one of the following areas:
  • Humanitarian - includes volunteer service and philanthropy
  • Professional - includes work in education, medicine, the arts, engineering, religion, business, etc.
  • Civic/Patriotic Service - includes Olympians, distinguished war veterans, government officials
The nomination forms need to be completed and accepted between January 1st and April 1st of the recognition year. Forms are to be submitted to McKinley High School's Main Office. Information on the nominee shall be limited to the two-page nomination form and the two additional supporting documents.

Note: "Alumni" shall include individuals whose terminal year in high school was at McKinley.

Selection Process
The chairperson shall designate a date, time, and place to meet. Copies of the nomination documents shall be distributed to each member prior to the scheduled meeting. Judges are to rank categories Professional/Career Positions held (I), Awards/Recognition (II), Contributions to McKinley/Community (III), and Required Supporting Documents (IV) on a scale of 1-5 (one being the lowest and five being the highest score possible) prior to the meeting.

Each committee member is expected to attend and participate in the discussion and voting. There will be no Proxy votes. The chairperson shall present each nominee individually. In assuring there is no Conflict of Interest, committee members shall not nominate any individuals in the year that they are serving. Opportunity for discussion shall be provided after nominee is presented. The discussion shall be impartial, and there is to be no active endorsement by any judge. The nominator or the nominee shall not be present at the time of discussion and voting. Each nominee will be rated on a scale of 1-5 (1-low, 5-high). The total points for each nominee from all judges will be divided by the number of judges present. That score will further be divided by 4. This is because the nominees are rated on 4 categories. To qualify, a nominee must have a final score of 4.25 points or more.

No more than 6 individuals will be inducted each year. In the event that there are more than 6 potential inductees, the administrator-in-charge's preference shall serve as the tiebreaker for the last tied position.

All rating sheets remain property of McKinley High School, will not be copied, and will be kept confidential.

The chairperson shall inform each individual or his/her family of the outcome of the selection into the Hall of Honor. Copies of the letters of selection and rejection shall be sent to the nominators.

The honoree or his/her family or person nominating is responsible for the following by July of that participating year:
  • Review the draft biography and call the writer for additions/corrections. For amendments, call the daily Pinion advisor at 594-0400.
  • Submit an 11" x 14" Black & White photograph (bust shot) to the Principal's office. Secretary to receive photograph at office.
  • Submit with photograph, two titles/headlines to be placed below the photograph.
Failure to submit the requested photographs and title(s)/headline(s) will forfeit the nominee's selection to the Hall of Honor for that year. the stipulation is inserted to give adequate time to prepare in planning and organizing the recognition activities.