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Sports Programs

"Guiding athletes to maximize their mind, soul, and body"

Fall Sports

Cheerleading: Coed, JV & Varsity

Cross Country: Boys/Girls, JV & Varsity

Football, JV & Varsity

Volleyball: Girls, JV & Varsity

Soft Tennis*: Boys/Girls, Varsity

Bowling: Boys/Girls, Varsity

Air Riflery: Boys/Girls, Varsity


*Oahu Interscholastic League (OIA) only 

Winter Sports

Softball: Girls, JV & Varsity

Basketball: Boys/Girls, JV & Varsity

Soccer: Boys/Girls, JV & Varsity

Swimming: Boys/Girls, JV & Varsity

Golf: Boys/Girls, Varsity

Wrestling: Boys/Girls, JV & Varsity

Canoe Paddling: Boys/Girls,

JV & Varsity

Spring Sports

Baseball: JV & Varsity

Tennis: Boys/Girls, JV & Varsity

Judo: Boys/Girls, Varsity

Volleyball: Boys, JV & Varsity

Track and Field: JV & Varsity

Water Polo: Girls, Varsity

McKinley is proud of our athletic program, consisting of 56 teams in 21 sports, making McKinley one of the largest public school athletic programs in the state.


Athletic Code

It is a privilege to represent McKinley in our athletic program and thus, the school has the authority to revoke this privilege when student athletes do not meet with the standards set forth. As a result, McKinley High School has adopted "The Code for Living" from Athletes for a Better World:

The Code for Living

Because I have the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others, I commit to the following Code for Living. I will take responsibility and appropriate actions when I fail to live up to this code.


As an individual:

  • I will try to develop my skills to the best of my abilitiy and to give my best effort in competition.

  • I will compete within the rules of my sport.

  • I will respect the dignity of every human being, and will not be abusive or dehumanizing of another either as an athlete or as a fan.

As a member of a team:

  • I will place team goals ahead of personal goals.

  • I will be a positive influence on the relationships on the team.

  • I will follow the team rules established by the coach.

As a member of society:

  • I recognize that my behavior becomes a model others may choose to emulate, and will seek to be a positive influence in my community
    and world.

  • I will work toward the goal of giving a significant amount of my time and income for the betterment of my community and world.

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