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Yearbook Portrait Schedule

Aloha Students,

For the week of December 7 - 10, we will have the photographers on campus to take your Yearbook portraits. The schedule will be as follows:

Monday December 7, 2020 - Group A

Tuesday December 8, 2020 - Group B

Wednesday December 9, 2020 - Group C

Thursday December 10, 2020 - Group D

Portraits will be taken in the Auditorium, and all students must enter through the front door and exit out the side door. Students who are always virtual and will be driving to school will enter on Pensacola and be dropped off in front of the oval. Your parents may wait for you in their car until you are finished. Exit will be onto King St.

Portrait Order Forms If you want to purchase a portrait package, attached are the order forms for you to check which package you want to order. You do not need to fill it out, we will have forms for you to fill out when you come to take your portrait.

Please remember to wear your mask (you may take it off for the portrait) and practice social distancing. PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED SCHEDULE FOR YOUR EXACT DATES AND TIMES.


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