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Athletic Training

"Guiding athletes to maximize their mind, soul, and body"


OUR athletic training

McKinley High School employs two full-time certified athletic trainers, who are certified through the Board of Certification (BOC) and given the credentials, “ATC”. In the State of Hawaii all athletic trainers must also be registered with the Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs. 

Athletic Trainers are responsible for directing and administering the athletic healthcare program. This program involves all phases of health care including, injury prevention, recognition, evaluation and referral of athletic injuries, rehabilitation, follow-up evaluation and reconditioning, and education and counseling. 

REQUIREMENTS for participation

In order to participate in McKinley Athletics, all student-athletes must submit both a Physical Examination for Athletes as well
as a Student Participation and Parent/Legal Guardian Consent, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form.  


The Physical Exam for Athletes must be completed and
signed by the student-athlete’s physician. The Consent, Release, and Assumption of Risk form must be completed by the student-athlete’s parent or legal guardian. 

Any student-athlete participating in any organized team
activity must be medically cleared by their physician and the Athletic Training staff prior to participation. All forms will be reviewed and approved by the Athletic Training staff before
a student-athlete is eligible to begin participation.

Athletic Training Requirements



As part of our ongoing Concussion Management Program all parents and student-athletes must receive annual concussion education. This will be done through a short video. If you have not watched this video already, please visit HCAMP Brainspace.


All student-athletes participating in contact sports must also complete a neuropsychological baseline test, called the ImPACT test.



MONDAY - FRIDAY 2:00 - 18:30

SATURDAY Games & Event Hours


Marble Surface


1039 South King St. Honolulu, HI 96814

Located on Diamond Head Side of Cafeteria

Tomoki Kanaoka, MS, ATC

​金岡 友樹 | TEL.808-594-0952

Leanna Goeckeritz, MS, ATC

​リアナ・ゲコリッツ | TEL.808-594-0951

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