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Aʻoaʻoga Avetaʻavale

SY 2023-24 Session 5: May - June 2024 (Summer Session)

McKinley Driver Education is scheduled to begin another session in May 2024.  If you are interested

please read the information provided. Selection will be conducted by lottery.
Please let your parents know the date for the Mandatory Parent/Student meeting in advance.  If you or your

parent is not in attendance for the meeting, you will be eliminated from the class.

Last day to submit the form will be:                           April 28, 2024 @ 8:00AM

*Notification of selection will be done via the student's school email which he/she will need to provide.  Failure to adhere to selection deadlines, instructions and procedures will result in students being dropped and removed from class list. 

Class Schedule:

Packet Pick Up & Payment Due Date:                         May 4,  2024  8:30 am - 9:30 am

                          @ McKinley HS  Teichiro Hirata Hall (Bldg G)

                          Enter via the student parking lot - Pensacola St.

Mandatory virtual Parent & Student meeting:           May 13, 2024  @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM (VIRTUAL)

Class meeting dates & times:                                     This class will start off virtual then it will become an in person class.

                                                                                       May 28 -  May 31, 2024 (VIRTUAL)
                                                                                       3:50PM - 6:30PM T-F

                                                                                       June 3 -  June 19, 2024 (In person class meetings @ MHS)

                                                                                       8:30AM - 1:00PM M-F (Two chapters a day)


Final Exam:                                                                   In - Person Exam @ McKinley HS
                                                                                       Date / Time / Site : TBA


Please Note:
All students who wish to enroll must:
1.  Possess a valid Hawaii Driver instructional Permit.
2.  Be a minimum age of 15½ years old.
3.  Not be over 18 years old.
4.  Use a computer or laptop with a camera and microphone for class. No cell phones.
5.  Attend the MANDATORY PARENT & STUDENT MEETING with a parent.
Be committed to attend ALL CLASS SESSION.  
         Students who are not able to attend all classes will be dropped and removed from the 
         Class roster.
        (Athletics, Band, Extra Curricular activities and/or any other events will not be an excuse
          For absences.)

8.  Pay a class fee of $10.00

Vasega avanoa e faʻatapulaʻa (10 max). O le filifiliga o tamaiti aʻoga o le a ala i se lulu.

Ole a faʻafesoʻotaʻiina oe ile imeli pe a filifilia oe ma saunia iai nisi faʻamatalaga ma auiliiliga mo le vasega.

Faʻafetai mo lou fiafia ma le onosaʻi.

Kiliki i le sootaga e faʻamaeʻa ai le fomu:
Pepa faʻatumu mo le luluina apalai


Isi soʻotaga:

Tamaiti aʻoga o loʻo iai nei ma BTW:

Faʻamolemole kiliki ii e download ma lolomi lenei Taʻavale Ave ma Faʻamaoniga mo au avetaʻavale sauniga.


Faʻamatalaga i Hawaii Hawaii Tagata Aʻoaʻo poʻo Hawaii Laisene Avetaʻavale: s-faatonuga-pemita.html

* Faʻamolemole manatua e mafai ona e lesitala / fesili i soʻo se aʻoga maualuga mo Avetaʻavale Avetaʻavale, pe oe mafai ona lesitala i se aʻoga tutoʻatasi tumaoti.

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